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  • taking professional pictures
  • daily right to terminate the contract - no contractual binding
  • self administration (prices & minimum of nights)
  • self care of the occupancy calender
  • mandatory online bookings (no inquiries)
  • usage of the CONZEPTplus App

Self administration account

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Why CONZEPTplus ?

More than 550 accommodations available. More than 8.000 clients per year.
You can offer your object also for short term and long term rentals

Earn money by the way

By renting out your object you earn some money on the side

individual price making

Define the prices by yourself

occupany calender

You administer your occupancy calendar by yourself

payment process

We manage the complete
payment procedure for you.

Advanced booking system

Thanks to the modern booking system your object can be booked straightforward and any time

professional object pictures

due to quality reasons only our company photographers take the professional object pictures

This is what our landlords tell about us:

Ich bin überzeugt von CONZEPTplus, da ich als Selbsteinträger mein Objekt komplett selbst verwalten und alles selbst steuern kann – von der Preisgebung bis hin zum Sperren bestimmter Zeiträume.
Am besten an Conzeptplus finde ich, dass man immer ganz transparent sein eigenes Objekt und die Endpreise auf der Homepage von Conzeptplus sehen kann.