FAQ - Guests help center

Booking process

Why do I have to register as a guest first before completing a booking? Are there alternatives in order to complete a booking?

Before completing a booking it is very useful to register first as a guest on our homepage because contact details that have been entered to our system can consequently be used for the final invoice to be issued. With the aid of your created user account you can even complete bookings in the future without having to register yourself each time anew.

Alternatively, please send us an email to info@conzeptplus.de by indicating your arrival and departure date, number of persons, required object type, location preferences and your preferred type of payment (credit card or invoice). Afterwards, we will send you an appropriate offer.

Which information will be transmitted if I sign in with my facebook account? / Social Plug-ins

When signing in to our online booking system with your facebook, twitter, Google+ etc. account you will be asked initially if you would like to register as a guest or as a landlord. For the following registration process the information that is transmitted from the third party account is only the information to whose transmission you agreed beforehand in the settings of the third party account.
Concerning the usage of social plug-ins on our homepage the third party possibly will be informed about your visit on our homepage in case you already have an existing user account with the third party.

How can I do a booking for the following night?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to do immediate bookings via our system for the following day. Such immediate bookings can only be done on demand. That is why we kindly ask you to send us an email to info@conzeptplus.de for urgent cases. Our team will work on your inquiries as soon as possible and search an appropriate accommodation for you. Or contact us by phone on +49-511-71259590.

How can I classify my search results?

In case you require special features from your accommodation please use the detailed search button on the bottom of the right hand side of the orange field on our homepage to filter general search results correspondingly.

You can even easily change the display format for objects available of the suggested object lists by listing them by photos or regular listing. Moreover, you can filter the search results according to special criteria like e. g. price, evaluation and distance.

How can I book an accommodation in a certain city quarter?

For booking accommodations in a certain city quarter you only need to click on the detailed search function on the bottom of the right hand side of the orange field on our homepage. Then please select a city quarter name of the category city quarter in which your final accommodation is to be located. Optionally, you can even search by postal code. The filter for the postal codes is located on the left hand side of the filter for the city quarters also in the detailed search field