FAQ – Landlords help center

Handover of keys

Do I need to be present in person to hand over the keys?

With regard to the hand over of keys it is not necessary to be present in person. As far as you instructed another person to do the handover of keys please make sure you provide us a contact number of that person and the he/she knows how to do the handover of keys (welcoming the guests inside the object booked, possibly taking a deposit for the keys and perhaps asking the guests to fill out a liability agreement).

I am allowed to take a deposit from the guests?

It is up to our landlords to take a deposit for the object booked in the amount of 50 – 100 € and/or to ask the guests to fill out a liability agreement. Of course, the deposit needs to be paid back to the guests on their day of departure. If the guests may not get back their deposit from you in the end of their booking period CONZEPTplus will charge you 40 € as expense allowance for refunding the kept deposit to the guest and for the additional workload.

Do I need to make an extra contract with the guests?

CONZEPTplus works exclusively in the function of a mediating agency. In particular, CONZEPTplus is neither the landlord nor the guest of the accommodation booked. This is why we recommend making an extra contract with the guest(s). CONZEPTplus neither provides any guarantee for the rental contract made between the guest(s) and the landlord nor is it liable to any additional issues that you agreed upon with the guest(s).

Where do I find help if there will be any problems when the guests are checking in?

In case of any unexpected problems occurring when the guests are checking in please contact us by phone on +49511-71259590 or send us an email to info@conzeptplus.de in less urgent cases.

Whom can I address to if the guest(s) show(s) a bad behaviour during a booking period?

Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately by phone on +49511-71259590 or by email to info@conzeptplus.de to report us any bad behaviour of your guest(s). In those cases we will act as a mediator to solve the prevailing problems.