FAQ – Landlords help center


How and when does the payout take place after a successful booking?

Payouts for successful bookings are always done after the departure of the guest(s). According to the basic contract it may last up to 30 days until our landlords are paid out. But in most cases you receive a SMS already a few days after the departure of the guest(s) informing you that the payout amount has already been transferred to your bank account. Or you receive a SMS proposing a specific date to pick up your money.

Do guest(s) have the right to demand a (partial) payback of the final amount?

In the following cases guests have the right to cancel their booking(s) immediately and to demand a (partial) payback of the final booking amount. For you as a landlord this might lead to a reduction of the total rental sum or to the loss of any claims for damages: 1. If it is impossible for the guest(s) to move into your object 30 minutes after his/their arrival. 2. If you as the landlord are neither reachable for us nor by the guest(s) by phone within 30 minutes on the contact number indicated in our system during the booking period. 3. If the guest(s) put(s) a complaint including photographic evidence of an unbearable condition of your object.