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Prices & Payment

Which elements are included in the final price?

Sollte von Ihnen ein Bettwäschewechsel innerhalb der „Mindestdauer“ (abhängig vom jeweiligen Objekt) gewünscht sein, kann dieser gegen 15 € Aufpreis pro Person direkt gegen eine Quittung direkt vom Vermieter kassiert werden. Bei Buchungen ab 4 Nächte oder außerhalb der „Mindestdauer“ ist ein Bettwäschewechsel für Sie kostenlos.

Zusätzliche Kosten würden nur für Sie entstehen, wenn Sie in dem gebuchten Objekt einen unvorhergesehenen Schaden anrichten. Da CONZEPTplus nur als Vermittler auftritt, bitten wir Sie, alle Schadensangelegenheiten direkt mit dem Vermieter/der Vermieterin zu klären.

Can I pay by invoice?

If you would like to pay for your booking(s) by invoice you only need to select invoice as payment method during the booking process. Afterwards, a pro forma invoice will be sent to your indicated email address. Payments by invoice can be done until 10 days before arrival.

When will my credit card be charged with the final amount of the booking?

CONZEPTplus exclusively works with payments in advance. Consequently, your credit card will be charged during the booking process with the final amount of your booking or immediately after you have sent us any credit card details (card number, CVC code and expiry date) by e-mail in case the booking was completed by CONZEPTplus OHG.

Is it possible to pay for the booking in cash on the day of arrival?

CONZEPTplus exclusively works with payments in advance. Therefore, it is impossible to pay in cash on the day of arrival for a booking done in advance. It may be possible to find an appropriate accommodation within some hours only for guests without having any booking who come directly from the airport into our office. In those cases cash payments will be accepted. But we do not guarantee 100 % to find an appropriate accommodation for you. At least, we will try our best.