FAQ - Guests help center

Special Requests

Is any cleaning included in the final price?

Generally, the final cleaning of the object booked is always included in the final price. There will be no additional costs for you.

What happens if I have arrived with more persons than indicated in my voucher?

It is not permitted to arrive at the object booked with more persons than indicated in the voucher. Please inform us in advance per e-mail to info@conzeptplus.de if you would like to change the number of persons booked. Afterwards, we will send you a new invoice in time or charge your credit card, respectively.

What about pets? Can I bring any pets along?

Usually, it is strictly prohibited to bring any pets along into the object booked.
Regarding this issue please send us an e-mail with your inquiry to info@conzeptplus.de.

Do I have to pay anything extra when travelling with children?

When you intend to travel with children please send us an e-mail to info@conzeptplus.de before booking.
We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible

Where can I note my special requests?

While booking please add your special requests to the comments field for guests. We will try our best to consider those special requests. Or send us an email to info@conzeptplus.de.

Where to store my luggage in urgent cases?

In exceptional cases you can store your luggage temporarily in our office in Lutherstrasse 12, 30171 Hannover before checking in into the object booked or after check out.

When do extra costs occur?

Additional costs may occur if you cause any unexpected damages in the object booked. CONZEPTplus agency is only responsible for providing the objects available in its data base. That is why we kindly ask you to manage any issues of occurring damages or destructive misbehaviour directly with the landlord/landlady.

I would like to do some changes concerning my invoice (invoice splitting, change number of persons etc.) What am I supposed to do?

If you would like to split your invoice or change the number of persons in your final invoice please send us an email to info@conzeptplus.de with your inquiry. You will receive an email from us afterwards including the necessary procedures.