FAQ - Guests help center


What am I supposed to do if I have any problems with the landlord/landlady?

If any problems occur with the landlord/landlady regarding your booking(s) please contact us immediately by phone on +49511-71259590 or send us an email to info@conzeptplus.de so that we can instantly intervene and decide about what to do next.

How and when can I put a complaint?

Complaints have to be submitted within 24 hours after arrival and are to be sent to info@conzeptplus.de by e-mail.
We are aiming at treating all complaints in the most objective way. This is why we ask you to always add photos when putting a complaint. Firstly, please contact us by phone on +49-511-71259590 so that we can intervene immediately and find an appropriate solution for all parties involved. As a rule, 24 hours will be granted to the landlord/landlady in order to correct the occurred deficit(s) after a complaint has been put.